[Nottingham] Sheflug March Meetings (fwd)

Duncan John Fyfe nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Feb 24 14:26:14 2003

Having asked various LUGs to advertise our next meeting I think it is only
fair that I pass on the following.

This one is from Sheffield LUG.

Have fun,

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Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 12:56:38 +0000
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Subject: Sheflug March Meetings


I thought that this might interest a few people.
So, here's some info for you to read...

               Sheffield Linux Users Group  (ShefLUG)

                     Tuesday 4th of March 2003
                ShefLUG Venue: Sheffield Wednesday
                                             Football ground

                             for more info have a look at..

 You will need to book online for this if you wish to attend for this
free - no payment - seminar..  Lunch is free.  To do that go to...


There is plenty of room for parking.  If you aren't coming over by
 car then you might like to know that you can get to Hillsborough on
 the local tram..


On the 12th of March we will be having a special one off event which
will take place at Sheffield Hallam University, Adsetts Centre, room
6620.  As advertised in the Sheffield Gazette.

                                        A Life in Space

Prof Pat Stakem will describe his life's work on automated unmanned
space platforms and space exploration.  A complete history of
computing in space.  Of particular interest is his work on Flight
Linux.  You can view more about this at...


It took two years to get him to come along and give a lecture.
 Please don't miss out on this one.  Well worth a trip to SHU and

See also....


You can now download posters for the event.  These are in compressed
postscript format.  Compressed with bzip2.  Also in PNG format.  You
can print the PNG ones with Gimp as A3 or A4 format.  You might also
be able to print these from your browser. The PS ones, don't know
about these.  You might have to experiment a bit.  You'll probably
need a high resolution colour printer to reproduce these.  You might
also like to grab one to keep as a souvenir.

Hope we see you soon.


Sheffield Linux
User's Group