[Nottingham] Local Systems Builders

Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Feb 24 15:11:03 2003

 > ...

>>Try scan at Bolton:
>>(Note: 10 approx p&p per order)
> ...
> Not sure I've not seen (or bought) from them a few times at fairs...  the 10 
> p&p explains why I look for someone local & high volume who can drop by on.
> ...
> Yep Maplins are good for odd thing, they tend to do Cooler Master 'end user' 
> aimed stuff, unless it's in their catalog and that works out pricey.
> ...
> These things only cost 2-3 quid for a good one from the right source, hence 
> why I wonder if anyone knows local system builders, it can be a big help at 
> times.

Then give a clue where you are...

There's one or three in Beeston (might be one has moved once or twice). 
No experience of them.

There's bound to be many more, spread one or two per district.



Martin Lomas