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Joe Wrigley nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Feb 25 10:25:14 2003

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|>What do people think of the idea of setting up formal banking
|>arrangements for the LUG?

|>In doing all ther organizing this is something I've kind of put off
|>because I've not had a chance to investigate what it takes for
|>a bank to accept you as a society/club or whatever.
|>I suspect it will take a written "goals and objectives/constitution" 
of the group
|>and possibly a membership list (something we don't have).
|>With moving to asking form contributions for events and hoping to
|>get sponsorship this is a definite requirement.
|>Does anyone have any experience of setting up society/group bank 
accounts etc ?
|>As for money from events, I'm kind of in favour of the voluntary 
|>scheme we seem to be falling into.  In my view it seems to be the best 
way of keeping the LUG activities open like the mailing list.
|>Have fun,

In my house in Nottingham, we set up a joint account with Natwest for 
bills. They recommended that we open a "charities and organisations" 
account. Or something like that, can't remember the exact name. Anyway, 
there wasn't any requirement for a members' charter that I can recall, 
and we were even allowed to call the account S.P.E.C.T.R.E. :)

Don't know if this will help at all,

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