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Mike Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Feb 25 13:02:02 2003

 --- Marcel Taylor <marcel@namaste.uklinux.net> wrote: > Hi Guys,
> Steve and I visited Richard Heggs. He did a good presentation and
> we had a 
> great time. I enjoyed seeing Linux, SuSE, KDE, Horde and E-mail all
> working 
> together. It's impressive that a computer application can be cheap,
> computer 
> efficient, easy to maintain, easy to implement, well supported and
> well liked 
> by the users.
> Richard has agreed to do a presentation at our March 5th meeting.
> He will 
> bring some kit, so we will see the system running. 
> See you at the next LUG meeting,
> Marcel

On a vaguely related issue - does anyone have any contact details for
Richard Hegg

I am working in an ignored outpost of Notts City Council and I could
use a friendly contact to get round the fscking beaurocracy here


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