[Nottingham] Printer is Printing

Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jul 4 00:00:02 2003

Marcel Taylor wrote:
> Hi Guys
> Success. I reinstalled CUPS and the printer is printing OK. So thank you all 
> very much, especially Robert Postill. I still do knot know what caused the 
> printing to stop.
> Re: why recompile the kernel: My USB CDRW is not working. The kernel goes into 
> a panic when the CDRW is connected. Suspect that the SuSE 2.4.19 kernel does 
> not have Mass USB storage and/or is not a fully working kernel. Also, its a 
> challenge for a newbie like me!
> "My heart soars like a hawk",
> Marcel

Good stuff Marcel.

I too will be kernel compiling soon to try to fix an ide cdrw freeze-up 
problem. Will also be exploring the compiler options to aim for the 
magical 10% speedup over i586 compiled code...

Good luck
(for both of us!)


Martin Lomas