[Nottingham] Linux Evening Class

Marcel Taylor nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jul 4 22:02:00 2003

I did a Java evening class at Arnold and Carlton College, Bath Street. Th=
have a room full of PCs. It would be possible to load (for example) SuSE =
all the PCs, make (and I hate to say this) Windows the default OS. So all=
existing Windows classes (they teach Word, Excel, etc.) get Windows. We t=
up, turn on and load Linux. Also, James Gibbon's suggestion is good. The=20
Linux lecturer turns up with a laptop and a projector, etc. At County Hal=
we have a new convert. He asked for SuSE 8.2 for his birthday and has=20
successfully loaded it on his home PC. He is now learning about Linux. I=20
think there are more people moving to Linux.