[Nottingham] Hosting your own domain/s?

Kus nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Jul 7 20:35:02 2003

Rock solid for 10 months. 4 hrs of downtime. Totally happy with ntl as a server pipe. The only issue is upload. I only get 128k upload, which means its useless for games. 

But we only host muds and ftp/irc so its all good. We use QOS kernel level packet priorities to keep it bearable and reduce lag. Usually people ftp all day, all night a-la-kazaa. Super pipes are nice,
but if you just plan ahead and say, "hmm, I'd like to watch that maybe tomorrow night." you can ..


Only issue is the domain, its a hassle to put up with people like no-ip and their frankly bizarre policies. I was banned for running an irc server which they took exception too, despite we not
actually using their domain. I took exception to them telling me what I can and cant run on my own server and so .. 

I need a new domain. umbrel.la looks good. :)


>On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 16:52, David Bottrill wrote:
>> Kus said:
>> > Can some bright spark on-list lay it all bare nude for me so I can figure
>> > out if I can afford to register/transfer/host my own, or if thats the way
>> > to do it?
>> Kus,
>> I registered my domian through no-ip and now host my own web server and
>> mail server at home on the end of my NTL 600k connection.
>> As part and parcel of NTL's new terms and conditions 1GB per day etc. they
>> relaxed the ban on running servers at the end of your cable modem.
>hmm, I go with that if you not running any kind of web site that needs
>hosting on the end of cable modems will work's, that's until NTL change
>thier policy again.... :-(((((
>best to get a colo server, I saw somebody doing 'virtual' linux server,
>very cheap....very nice!

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