[Nottingham] chmod of a /mnt/dir...

Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jul 9 12:50:01 2003

Calling all the great gurus out there...

How should I change the /mnt/* permissions?

Or am I barking up the wrong bits and there is some cleverness elsewhere 
that is required?

I've got a few windows FAT32 partitions mounted (VFAT) and they show up 
in /mnt all well and good. Root has full rwx access whilst all others 
have r access only and hence cannot navigate further down the directory 

Trying "chmod -v a+x /mnt/win_e" for example gives a nice friendly 
message saying that the permissions have been updated, yet a "ls -l" 
shows the permissions to be stubbornly unchanged...


Martin Lomas