[Nottingham] Redhat Init

Alex Tibbles nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jul 11 10:37:01 2003

> > An extreme case that comes to mind is fetchmail,
> which runs from a
> > ~/.fetchmailrc, so if you run it from rc.local you
> need to specify
> > the conf file
> That's exactly the kind of case where the 'su -
> luser -c command' trick helps, 
> especially for larger software packages that like to
> have environmentals 
> setup, and get updated over time, you don't have to
> ferret out what needs 
> setting up.
Ah! I've spotted something I don't understand. The
extra '-' you have "makes it a login shell" according
to "man su". What exactly does that change?

In reponse to earlier question: this is a server
program that runs and waits.


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