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Duncan John Fyfe nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jul 11 16:26:01 2003

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Graeme Fowler wrote:

> All
> On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Graeme Fowler wrote:

> At risk of being flamed for replying to my own message, NottsLUG is now the
> proud owner of a small plethora of low-end Dell workstations which the
> aforementioned company, Host Europe Internet Ltd, has agreed to write off in
> an effort to remove them from our workshop :)

Thanks Graeme much appreciated.
Now the tricky questions....

small plethora = ??

> This is on the understanding that they are not to be used for individual gain,
> and must be used as some sort of "community" resource for the LUG as a whole.
> If this can't be guaranteed then I can't let them out of the building...

Who would you need this guarentee from ?  Godfrey as the mailing list administrator
is the only person with any authority in the lug.  I organize most of the meetings
but that isn't through any official authority.

What is the nature of this 'transfer of assets' ? Does NotLug (see below) become
owner or does Host Europe retain ownership and NotLug borrows them on a zero cost
loan ?

As NotLuG is not a legal entity who would the machines be signed over to (either liability
, ownership or guarentor that they will be used for the purpose intended) ?

What would be the conditions for ultimate disposal of the machines ?  i

> Now it's up to someone else to find some monitors, keyboards etc. And
> somewhere to store them, preferably somewhere central.

hmmm, storage is going to be the problem.

Maybe we could come to an arrangement with a local school or charity with premises
(eg the refugee forum). The LUG can install and maintain the computers on the
basis that the school/charity/... gets to use them during the day and we get to use
them at night ?

> I'll have to sort out zeroing the disks and so on before they leave the
> building. Please let me know when/where/who might (will?) be taking the
> systems.
> Graeme
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Have fun,

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