[Nottingham] Gnome

David Joseph nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Jul 13 11:03:01 2003

I am (as you will gather) quite new to Linux. After trying various 
distributions, I've decided it's got to be Debian for me. I installed 
"woody" on a rather old PII and after a bit of a struggle - have it up 
and running. I've manged to install a sound card, connect to the 
internet using kppp and install a printer - I'm using an HP693 deskjet - 
it's probably not optimal, but I can print and as they say it's work in 
progress. True to the spirit of Linux I'm doing my best to resolve 
problems myself - and although at times this has been frustrating, I 
feel I'm learning a lot.
But........ there is one little problem that's driving me nuts! I have 
set KDE as my default desktop. Wanting to try out Gnome, I find I can't 
drag icons onto the desktop. I can drag an icon to the (menu bar? at the 
top of the screen. Everything else seems to work fine.
Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong or not doing as the case may be.
(look like a suitable case for Linux classes huh?)

thanks and regards David