[Nottingham] gnome

Mike nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Jul 13 18:15:01 2003

On Sun, 2003-07-13 at 13:20, David Joseph wrote:
> Mike, thanks for the reply, tried to use "reply" and got back the 
> message that it was detained pending moderators approval (spam filter) 
> which in a way I suppose it is..........
> But what I wanted to say in reply to your questions was, on stat-up the 
> "splash screen" shows Gnome 1.4 and by dragging an icon onto the 
> desktop, I mean left clicking the mouse on the Gnome icon, then 
> selecting an application (say abiword) and holding down the left mouse 
> button, dragging it onto the desktop a-la KDE or even windoze.

Thats going back a bit - over a year since I used 1.4 in anger.

You could try this, navigate to app, then right-click an choose add to
panel, then drag that to the desktop.

(though you may be better off apt-getting gnome2, as 1.4 is getting
distinctly long in the tooth - 2.0 was releasd in June 2002)

> Regards, David.
> p.s. Quite hurt to think the system is rejecting my postings as "spam"
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