[Nottingham] Linux Tuition

Andy Davidson nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Jul 13 23:37:01 2003

At 15:19 10/07/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>(for example, I've been a driver awareness course run by the council road=
>officer and driving instructors.  The first time they tried to run the=20
>course for free they got
>no response.  Charge =A315 and and people felt 'it must be worthwhile' and=

That's not a lot of money, if it's in return for :
   * A good quality *structured* course, with certification detailing=20
ground covered.
   * Free copy of course notes to take away and revise.
   * Full copies of the distributions used on the course on cd or dvd.

If the course is going to be worth going on, it needs to be a "one stop=20
shop" for people interested in learning in about Linux -- as soon as they=20
get home they should be able to (in terms of competence, and in terms of=20
resources) -- and have the confidence to -- install Linux onto their home=20
computers, and use it.

The course notes, if they're full enough will prove to be a good reference.

And it might be worth getting some consultancy from an adult learning=20
specialist when building the course.

But -- that consultancy fee, and the distribution/notes duplication cost=20
will cost money to put together.

If we're trying to do a freebie, then it's a different approach -- and=20
structured classes probably aren't the answer.  This means packing the=20
Linux Installfest venue with patient geeks willing to offer an hour(?) of=20
free tuition.

Regards, Andy Davidson