[Nottingham] Big biiig problem regarding IDE-RAID

Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 15 12:47:04 2003

Alex Herington wrote:
> Lessons I have learned (heh): Don't panic so much. Heart attacks at 21 aren't
> cool.. and IDE-RAID isn't worth the hassle (with some Promise chipsets at
> least). Spend the extra dough and go SCSI.

All very true! And a good learning exercise.

Good that it blundered through.

IDE-RAID is all well and good if supported. Unfortunately, some of the 
later Promise chipsets are not useable yet via Linux. Also depends on 
how good the BIOS support is also...

And the world can be split into those that have never had a HDD fail, 
and those that religiously do backups...


Martin Lomas