[Nottingham] wireless 54Mbps for desktop PC

.waffle nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jul 17 00:40:00 2003

Lee wrote:
| I did get a
| TI 22mb/s PBCC cards working on mandrake, was a bit buggy but it worked,
| but that's not 802.11g anyway....so avoid...

I'm guessing you're running an ACX100 based card yeah? Well PBCC encoding is
great, and I like it better than the alternative, which is 802.11g - which
has PBCC certified points, but the other encoding (forgive me if I forget
what it's name is) is obligatory. And the only reason they didn't want to go
for the better PBCC based comliance is that Texas Instruments aren't exactly
forthcoming with specifications.

That's why my machine now has Debian running with ACX100 RE'd drivers
(acx100.sf.net) that not only work - they work better than anything I've
tried for Linux (wireless wise) and run 22Mbit, and I even have got 15Mbit
sustained transfer through two walls! Pleased - yes I am, although not with

Back to the main point - ACX100 does 44Mbit (theoretically) but actually has
a better range and speed than the supposed 54 Mbit when running in a
realistic scenario. If I were you - I'd buy something later, much later,
when Linux wireless drivers are built into the kernel!