[Nottingham] Linux Tuition--Dell Workstations!!!!

Duncan John Fyfe nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jul 17 13:55:00 2003

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, Martin wrote:

> I might even find time to pick them up and to load up a distro or two...
> (Mandrake, Suse, ???...)

Don't be a spoil sport.  Given six 'blank machines' what better than an
"installing your favourite distro" hands on tutorial.

hmmm. Some thoughts on 'Tutorial series' we could run with the machines:

Series 1:
1.	"Installing <a distro> for home use"
2.	"Keeping <a distro> up to date /Installing new software on <a distro>"
3.	"Setting up common hardware with <a distro>" eg. a window manager, modems, printers.
4.	"Setting up common software with <a distro>" eg. GIMP, OpenOffice ...
5.	"Down and dirty with <a shell> and the command line"
6.	"Common client software with <a distro> and netiquette" eg. news, mail.
7.	"Common server software with <a distro>" eg. apache, mail.

Series 2:
1.	"Installing <a distro> for networking" - eg. centralised passwords/other resources
2.	"Managing a network"
3.	"Network services using <a distro>"
4.	"Network Security, protecting from the big bad world."
5.	"Network Security, protecting from lusers."

Series 3:
1. 	"The quick and the dirty of Beowulf clusters" - spend an evening or two
setting up a 6 machine beowulf cluster.
2.	"Managing Beowulf resources"
3.	"101 things to do with a mini Beowulf cluster"
4.	"Rendering the biggest, baddest, cutest !Lug Tux you've ever seen using the Beowulf cluster."

Series 4:
1.	"Bzflag"
2.	"Linux Quake (I|II|III)"
3.	"xblast"
4.	"More bzflag"
5.	"More Quake (I|II|III)"
6.	"More xblast"
7.	"Write a multi-player network version of xbill"
8.	"MUD MUD glorious MUD nothing quite like it for consuming all your free time..."

> And located 'round the corner' from the Duncan's favourite
> Beeston/Chilwell church (;-))

Not far from the Hop Pole then.  Next Wednesday 20:00ish ? Beer beer beer beer...
> Cheers,
> Martin

Have fun,

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