[Nottingham] apt-sources question (apologies I'm stupid)

Alex Tibbles nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jul 17 18:11:01 2003

> I'm running a distribution called Libranet, version
> 2.8, which is Debian based. I asked this same
> question on the Libranet mailing list last night
> with no replies so hopefully the Nottingham LUG will
> come to my rescue.

> I'd like to know from the Debian based users what
> their apt sources file looks like. This is due to
> performance issues connecting to the US (these being
> the default in the supplied Libranet apt sources
> file).
my sources.list (I run unstable on my laptop):
deb ftp://ftp.uk.debian.org/debian/ unstable main
non-free contrib
deb http://non-us.debian.org/debian-non-US
unstable/non-US main contrib non-free

> Now the dumb part : I've got apache installed and I
> need to compile php (I'm following a book that
> requires php to be compiled with apxs support). To
> do this I have to install apache-devel. So the
> question is will apt-get automatically 'get' the
> correct version of apache-devel for the version of
> apache I'm using? Or do I need to specify the
> version. Apparently Libranet uses debs from stable,
> testing and unstable so this is just so I can get my
> head around where apt is getting from. Apologies if
> this is confusing - I'm just getting used to apt
> myself.
(Just checking - debian php is not compiled for
There are three versions of apache-dev in debian:
(probably wrapped)
one for each of stable, testing, unstable.
There are 2 versions of apache2-dev (one for testing,
one for unstable).

In each case the -dev version depends on the
apache[2]-common packge so cannot be installed without
that. You won't most likely have that installed
without the corresponding apache package.

You will need deb-src entries (exactly the same with
-src) - "apt-get -b source package" should build a
package from source: 

good luck


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