[Nottingham] Getting Outlook Express files into Evolution

Mike Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Jul 28 09:29:01 2003

 --- Bunter Matthew <matthew.bunter@renaultvi.com> wrote: > All,
> Final dumb question from me today (reason at the end) - and
> apologies.
> I have the folders from Outlook Express (Inbox, Sent and some
> created folders) that I would like to get using in Evolution. I
> tried importing with no luck. They are .mbx files but the importing
> program with Evolution only has a choice for Outlook Express 4
> which IIRC are .dbx files. 
> Is there a simple way to get these folders into Evolution?

two step I'm afraid - you need to import into mozilla mail, then
export to mbox, then import into evolution.

> Ditto for the Outlook Express address book into Evolution Contacts.
> It is a .wab file.
> The reason for all the dumb questions is that we (me and the Mrs.)
> are now a Linux only house. What did it take to convince her that
> she didn't need windows? Mozilla (imported the Favourites from IE -
> not an easy task), Evolution, and Open Office.
> Outstanding probs are burning CDs (need to make sure I have all my
> old files from the Windows partition), getting my Canon S45 to be
> recognised with gtkam, configuring the firewall and finding the
> right media players for our radio listening whilst on the web (we
> are in France where music is pants).

What probs are you getting with burning CD's?
If you have gtk2, firestarter is pretty good for firewalls.

> Regards,
> Matt
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