[Nottingham] TR: gnome toaster

Bunter Matthew nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Jul 28 15:19:00 2003

>So far so good, you expected or asked gtoaster to blank the disk ?=20


>I'm not familiar with gtoaster.

Neither am I!?!?!?
>The minimum speed of this CD-RW is 4.

>This is normal I think, the CD platform should come out and then return
>straight away.=20

Yes it does.

>The speed has now been racked up to 12 (this should be
>O/K) Gtoaster calls it a CD/DVD now, but it did before when it did the
>blanking which was completed OK, so perhaps the program has a memory
>lapse now and again.!=20

Not unlike the principle user (i.e. ME).

>I think I would try the cdrecord -- gtoaster appears to be a front end
>for this and other programs such as mkisofs (turns the files to be
>written to the CD into an ISO9660 file format -- this is needed if you
>want to read them back again !!. This isn't unique to Linux by the way.

>As I was going to type, before I rambled off, try cdrecord from the
>command line (sorry)

Command line doesn't scare me too much so no problem.

>Try :
>cdrecord -v dev=3D0,0,0 speed=3D4 /tmp/gtoaster

>if you want to blank your CD-RW disk first do:

>cdrecord -v dev=3D0,0,0 blank=3Dall=20

>This should take a few minutes.=20

Thanksyou for this. I shall give it a go tonight.=20