[Nottingham] Introduction - I'm new...

Michael Erskine nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 29 10:35:08 2003

Paul Hempstock wrote:

> Hello
> I've just signed up to this list and thought I would do the=20
> polite thing and introduce myself.  I am Paul Hempstock,=20
> a freelance software engineer living in Nottingham. =20

Hello Paul, and welcome -- if you've been lurking or browsing the list
archives you might note that people here are a friendly sort and it
seems that the only things not tolerated thus far are heavy top-posting
and HTML mail.

A lot of us are also in the IT industry - some grok Linux every day,
some (like myself) are still leveraging Linux into the workplace.

> I'm really a Windows programmer; I used to work for Serif
> (www.serif.com) where I was responsible for their PagePlus=20
> product for a while.

Aha! I knew a few software engineers who passed through there.

> However I now have a Cobalt RAQ4 web server running Linux and=20
> hosting a
> number of my customers websites.  I also use it for my local=20
> community site, www.TheParkEstate.com.

We shall take a look, I imagine. I'm assuming this means you're a
resident in the more affluent area of NG! ;o)

> At the moment, I'm finding Linux pretty incomprehensible.  It's mainly
> things like permissions, security and Apache configuration=20
> that are giving me problems. =20

Apache is a lot of folks' bread & butter here -- security too, its all
quite doable tho'.

> Naturally I have no GUI on my machine. =20

Naturally :o) -- I live in mc! I don't grok the discussions re gnome/kde
etc. I do, however have to push out GUIs from time to time and tend
toward the minimal X (blackbox/xfce/twm).

> I'm looking for a
> place where I can ask dumb questions and maybe even get some friendly
> tuition.  Hope I've come to the right place...
> Cheers
> Paul

Yup, this is the place! Dumb questions abound and I'll chip in with dumb
(but friendly) answers where applicable (i.e. not very often - folks
seem to want answers to non-obvious problems nowadays!)

Once again, welcome.