[Nottingham] xterm key problems

Ross Kirk nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jul 30 21:43:00 2003


A first post for me, but i have been quietly lurking here for some
time and now I have some problems so thought I would ask!

When i run a remote xterm ( via exceed/rlogin ) my arrow keys do not
work at all in bash, in emacs mode i get ;2A or ;2B for the up and
down arrows. In Vi mode they do nothing at all.  This is rather
annoying as i have no history at the bash prompt.
This problem does not affect normal ssh logins to the box, they work
as expected.

I'm running a standard mandrake 9.1 install, not entirely sure what
other info to give you as I am still pretty new to all this :)



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