[Nottingham] Turning up on the wrong day...

Jon Masters nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jul 31 15:32:00 2003


Yep I did it.

I was in Leicester yesterday anyway and was fairly convinced that the
NotLUG meeting was last night even after finding a use for WAP, looking up
where to go, day and time etc. *AND* still deciding that for some reason I
should ignore the obvious date on the web page... oh well.

I ended up in Wagamama having decided that the Hanson menu was ok but not
quite what I wanted. Anyway this is only the second time I managed to do
this in about 4-5 years of going to LUG meetings around the country.
Last time was an OxLUG although at least that time the meeting had moved.

Perhaps I will find a random reason[0] for travelling up next week for the
real meeting and especially if someone can offer crash space just in case.



[0] Only an 8-10 hour round trip so obviously worth it for a trip to
    Hanson and a pub...