[Nottingham] RH9 -Fresh Install No Removable Media Devices.

Mo nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jul 31 22:48:01 2003


I got the RH9 ISO's as soon as they got released. From a fresh install,
be it a custom or predefined installation, it dose not make any entries
for FDD, CD or CDRW in fstab. 

Checking the Hardware monitor, it's picked up the drives ok, checking
the boot log's shows that the devices are picked up ok. 

If I butcher the entries into fstab the drives work no problem. 

I checked out Bugzilla, there's one posting of this problem but no one
seems to have replied. 

It's always been on the same system , haven't tried on any others yet. 

Any ideas?