NLUG Links page (Was: [Nottingham] Basford Nottingham computer shop)

Duncan John Fyfe nottingham at
Thu May 1 10:01:01 2003

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Peter Woods wrote:

> I also have checked out the RyderTech site.
> Not sure if seeing Telnet offered increases
> the security credibility.

Using Rydertech in my example was not a question of their competence or business.
It isn't my place to question or poke fun at them for any shortfallings I
might perceive (and I am not sayng there are any) in their business, competence,
whatever.  If Paul and co. have the balls to make a go of it I wish them well.
If they want to offer clients connections via two tin cans and a piece of
string or by avian carrier it is up to them but I'm sure the group would be
interested in any novel and/or useful things they develop on the way.

As the people (I'm not alone in this) updating the website it is our place to
decide whether to satisfy requests for links.

Rydertech, like 123-Reg offer services (hosting , security) which may be of interest
to LUG members even though it is aimed at businesses.

BUT from the information I had to hand they could just as easily be doing it promoting
windows boxes to their clients.  Apache, PHP etc all run on Windows as well as GNU/Linux.
Basically I know nothing about the company.  I'm sure you would agree that if I wanted
a link to The University of Leicester (my employer) you would want to know why and
what relevance it had to the LUG/Community.

I know Paul Sladen, I know the work he does so if he were to request a link a decision would
be easy (the fact he could add the link himself is by the by).

I don't know Paul of rydertech.  He contributes to the list and we may have met (I don't
remember people between LUG meets, they are just details ;).  So when an email arrives saying
"please link this company too" I have to make a judgement,  link or !link ? I can only
make that decision based on the information to hand (and it doesn't include trawling
for past list contribs, googling or studying entrails) and comments passed by others.

I guess a blunt summary would be:
	I am not going to do work to prove your case to me.
	The default as in IPTABLES will be DROP.  If your lucky you might get a REJECT.

	"me too" gets you nowhere.
	"me too + essay convincing me you're a worthy case" gets you further.
	"me too + a pint of something nice" guarentees a link until I'm next thirsty ;).

Have fun,

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