[Nottingham] Re: HI COMPADRE

Julian Valerga nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu May 1 14:58:06 2003

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hi compadre ,,

I went with Gordon to see William Gibson,,

I have been busy compadre, I am negotiating with the school og 
Business to do a Masters of Management and Information Technology 
with the option of four extra modules to get an MBA.

I am working in a bar need to find something better.

Need to get a good steady income to get ride of my debths.

I hope your Ok mate ,,,

I also need to revise to my JAVA want to get my java certification for 
this summer.

And I am still doing Tai chi.

Ok tell me about yourself, I haven't heard from you for some time, 
hoope your Ok !!!!

We need to go for a cofffee ,, I hope it will be soon.


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