NLUG Links page (Was: [Nottingham] Basford Nottingham computer shop)

Duncan John Fyfe nottingham at
Thu May 1 15:10:00 2003

On 1 May 2003, Lee wrote:

> Hmm, Interesting...
> To link or not link that is the question...
> Perhaps just list non for profit stuff ?

Why discriminate because someone is able to turn a profit from free software ?

I guess it also depends who you think the links are aimed at.
I was considering three camps and a links section for both:

1. !LUG members trying to find something (eg. hardware) in the Nottingham area.
2. !LUG members trying to get in touch with others not via the mailing list.
3. !!LUG members who are looking for information or services (eg. a security consultant) which one or more !LUG members may be able to provide to their and/or the communities benifit.

If Mr Foo runs "Cuddley Penguin Security Consultancy" which makes a profit recommending "free software" (GNU/Linux,  FreeBSD ...) solutions over "not free software" solutions I would consider a request for a link even if Ms. Bar offers a similar service on a "Not for Profit" basis and leave it up to potential clients to decide one over the other.

Using "free software" and being "for profit" or "not for profit" is no measure of competence.  Ms. Bar may after all be recommending "security by obscurity" and using "password" for the root account "because it is a double bluff, hackers assume nobody is stupid enough to do it".

> or link to a business that gives NLUG a discount perhaps?]

We could give them fontsize +1

> or even sponser NLUG ...real money.. ???

and fontsize +2 ;)

> I know what it feel like doing lots of hard work for no dollar!
> it's not a nice all...

All donations to the 'keep Duncan in beer' fund gratefully recieved.

On that note I think I'll finish putting together what I've got
(wrt LUG web pages and links) and retire this thread to down the pub.

> Laters,
> Lee

Have fun,

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