[Nottingham] Laptop battery lifecycle

James Gibbon nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat May 17 18:49:01 2003

Alex wrote:

> what is the accepted wisdom for using Li Ion batteries
> best? (i bought a spare, which was very expensive, to
> avoid leaving me stuck if this one dies, but there's
> no harm in making this one last).

Li Ion is extremely forgiving compared to other battery chemistry
types - except that a full discharge can shorten the lifetime
considerably - however some Li Ion batteries have electronics built
in which will prevent this anyway.  Just use it and charge it when
it starts to get low (or when you need it topped up, say before a
trip).  Some will suffer if left charging for too long (say >24
hrs), but - again - most modern laptops and other appliances have
intelligent charging systems which will prevent this. There's no
need to perform an initial long conditioning charge either.