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Most registrars will register the domain in your name, some will register it
in their own name but in their terms and conditions it will state that the
domain becomes yours once full payment has been made.I'm not 100% certain on
the legal side but if you have proof that the domain was registered on your
behalf then in any dispute you should have a good case.
Often the registrar or host will wish to be listed as the admin contact,
this is fine, just ensure that you are the registered owner.
The domain is your property until it is renewed by you or expires.
You do not have to have the same company register your domain and host it
although it does make administration easier.
Any provider can host the domain name for you but you will need to get the
DNS's changed to their nameservers.
I work for a registration and hosting company so if you have any other
questions you can email me direct and I should be able to answer them (no
promises) or find the answer.

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> Hi all,
> this is not a Linux question but I though that you would be able to
> answer it anyway :-)
> When you pay a company to host your website on a certain domain name, do
> you "own" the domain name as well or does it belong to the company that
> hosts your site?
> And what's the situation if you register a domain name and pay for it,
> will any provider host your site under your registered domain name? If
> someone does host your website, is it still your domain name for a
> couple of years or so?
> Thanks,
> Martin
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