[Nottingham] registering web domain

Simon Huggins nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue May 20 14:48:00 2003

On Tue, May 20, 2003 at 01:20:15PM +0200, Martin Waryniak wrote:
> this helped a lot but I am still wondering, what if you contact a web
> server to host a website and they sort everything out for you, like
> the domain name registration, and you just pay them monthly or yearly.

webserver is normally used for the machine, not the hosting company.

> Is the domain name registered on you or the web server? And does the
> domain name stay registered as long as you pay the bills or dont'
> breach anm agreement or can the webserver kick you out whenever he
> wishes?

If you've got a specific name in mind then check it via whois.  If
you're listed as Registrant or Admin Contact then you "own" that domain.

It depends on the provider in question.  There could be clauses in
contracts which say if you don't pay them that they'll recover costs or
tie you to a lamp post in market square for all I know.  But that's a
contractual thing.  Just read the contract carefully before you get into

I guess most ISPs will have contracts which may prohibit things like
spamming and illegal content.  In those cases they would probably tear
down a hosting account.

Do you have a specific instance in mind?


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