[Nottingham] Linux

Joe Wrigley nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu May 22 15:53:00 2003

Warning: Top Posting

Icky, icky, icky.

2 things:
a) Word format, in a linux group, for a linux position?!
b) Newsgroup, attachment, binary, reply-to...

That is all


Robert Postill wrote:
> Steve,
> I'd be interested in applying for a position, can you give me some
> details?  Just to get it out in the open I'd be looking for at least a
> =A325k p.a. package, hope that wouldn't be an issue. I'm immediately
> available and don't mind travelling for the position.  I've attached a
> CV (in Word format, ask if you want something different) to this mail.
> Look forward to hearing from you soon.
> Robert.
> On Wed, 2003-05-21 at 17:12, Steve Nice wrote:
>>Please excuse this general posting but I couldn't find an admins email
>>We are currently looking for a Linux technical support person to join a
>>small Linux company located in Newark. If anyone is interested or know'=
>>someone who maybe interested, all levels of experience considered, woul=
>>you please email me directly.
>>Many Thanks
>>ForLinux Limited
>>Everything For Linux,
>>The Bearings,
>>Newark, Notts.
>>NG24 4BZ
>>Tel: 01636 708313