[Nottingham] Linux

Philip Scott nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri May 23 11:32:00 2003

	Before I go the trouble of writing a CV, I thought I had better thought I'd 
check if I'd be the sort of person you're interested in. I'm just about to 
sit my A-Levels, and results pending hope to take up my offer to study 
computer science at Cambridge this october. Between my last exam on the 27th 
of June, and term starting on the 19th of October, I'd like to earn myself a 
few pennies and a bit of 'real world' (tm) experience. I've a good bit of 
Linux experience, as it has been my operating system of choice for some years 
now. I program competantly in C, C++ and Assember - I've meddled happily with 
(and am involved in open source projects which use) xml, xml-rpc, php, mysql, 
apache, qt and kde. I live in a village called Calverton, which is just north 
of Nottingham - a fair, but not insurmountable treck to Newark. If you are 
still interested, I could sort you out with a proper CV. (My last employment 
was a year cooking burgers at McDonalds, they weren't quite so fussy ;)