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Fri May 23 16:32:00 2003

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On Fri, 2003-05-23 at 16:13, Simon Huggins wrote:

> There's a big difference here (and I imagine mostly I'm preaching to the
> converted, so sorry in advance) between imposing a proprietary data
> format and imposing an open data format.
Oh indeed, you are correct.
> If the _required_ format is MS Word then unless you buy MS Word you
> can't really produce this.  Sure you can use OOo and get close to what
> MS Word would produce (probably close enough) but you'll never really
> know how close unless you open it in MS Word.
I know what you mean, although I do produce my CVs in word and when I mail =
it to=20
my  girlfriend who does work with MS Office it does come out really well.
> So to get a job, suddenly you have to spend =A3339.49 [0] on Microsoft Wo=
Yes indeed, or incur the wrath of the BSA, but let's not go there.
> I'm pragmatic.  Whilst you're looking for a job you have to really give
> in to the demands of silly HR departments or risk cutting out a large
> part of the market.  That doesn't mean I like it though.
True again.  I can't tell you how much wasted effort I've expended on vario=
converting my CV through HTML, pdf, rtf.  Then falling back to MS Word.=20
Because hardly anyone will look at it if it isn't Word, fact.
> Don't get me started on other abuses like .docs by email for a few lines
> of text or even for pictures embedded in Word documents just to show me
> the text of an error message.
You have a kindred spirit in me.  BTW my all time favourite of that was
a powerpoint presentation of a streaming server dying and chucking out
15 plus error messages.  With transitions. Why oh why?  Do I need to see
one error sweep over the other?  No.  Some things should be banned,
shabby transitions between slides are definitely high on my list.

Also I believe some places do (macwarehouse.com and their sister
companies definitely did).
Robert Postill
Tel:07968 801326

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