[Nottingham] Linux

Philip Scott nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat May 24 02:27:00 2003

Ooops a daisy!
Ohh my, it is easy to do, isn't it?
You see, in dearest kmail, I have two buttons: 'reply' and 'reply to mailing 
list'. In the other mailing list I read and post to (awemud-devel) 'reply' 
sends mail to the original author of the posting, and not to the list. I 
should've checked before sending really, but I'm afraid my reflexes get ahead 
of me.

>> I program competantly in C, C++ and Assember
> but spell competently incompetently ;)
Right you are! Well, don't I feel silly now? I think I shall go and crawl 
under a big slimy rock and cry until I get lonely for my computer, then have 
to check my kde 3.1.2 compile hasn't segfaulted again..