[Nottingham] Awareness Day Summary.

Robert Postill robert at grinning-cat.com
Sun Nov 2 22:42:33 GMT 2003

Just seeing Martin's message made me think I ought to summarise a couple
of things:

With some rough estimates from Graham (the site supervisor for Green's
Mill) and the anecdotal evidence I'm sure we saw more than 50 people
yesterday.  In fact it may have been as high as 100 (roughly half the
number of visitors for Green's Mill that day) but more likely about 75. 
Graham also told me a large number of people came specifically for the
event so we must have had an effect with publicity.  Realistically we
far surpassed my expectations, we saw more people, looked well organised
and gave people positive and clear messages about Linux and open
source.  I haven't heard a single negative comment from either the
people who visited or the staff at Green's Mill.  Which considering its
an open event and anyone could come, means we really did make a good

Thanks to everyone who helped (especially those who helped setup the
event and then talked to all those people :).  Hopefully, we've proved
we organise this kind of event and make it work.  Green's Mill have said
they'd be happy to host us again and it would seem that if we wanted
there's a relationship to be had with them that might benefit the LUG
and Green's Mill.

All in all, a great day and with a bit of luck, the source of some new
Linux converts and maybe even LUG members :)

Robert Postill
robert at grinning-cat.com
Tel:07968 801326
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