[Nottingham] Posters

Graeme Fowler graeme at graemef.net
Thu Nov 6 12:37:03 GMT 2003

Hi all

On Thu, 6 Nov 2003, Robert Postill wrote:
> This morning I recieved a rather unsettling call from the Museum Service.  
> Apparently dome of the posters that were stuck up for the awareness day have
> been deemed fly posting.  This is an offence (I've yet to find out what type
> of offence) and as such Nottingham City Council apparently will be
> prosectuting.

I've just been told by one of my colleagues that there was also one stuck (or 
otherwise attached) to the railings on a crossing point on Queen's Drive and 
Station Road in Beeston which he clocked in a haze in the small hours of 
Saturday morning.

I know this is "after the horse has bolted" advice - I used to work in a 
concert venue so became very well acquainted with the rules and byelaws 
regarding flyposting and advertising... just because you see other posters up 
on railings, traffic lights etc does _not_ mean it's legal to do so.

As far as I remember, the law is a local one, not national, so it's likely to 
be a byelaw transgression - I believe (but IANAL) that this is not a criminal 
offence but will be subject to a fine.

At this point I think it would be well worth those members of the LUG who did 
put posters out "in the open" without asking permission from anybody (or even 
in buildings, without permission) contacting Robert privately to say "it was 
me", then there's group liability. It'd also be worth Robert remembering that 
he did not direct any member of the LUG to put posters in any location (of 
course, I could be wrong here!) and that it was done of members' own volition.

Anyone know a lawyer?


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