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Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Thu Nov 27 23:47:24 GMT 2003

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Duncan John Fyfe wrote:

| David's nursery days should be changing in mid December.
| This will free up on Wednesday nights, or more accurately
| my only free night will be Wednesday.
| So, even if I do hear howls of comlaint I will be moving the
| meetings back to Wednesday nights.

I work Mon-Wed however can in theory get a train up to Nottingham as I
have done in the past but it does take me 8-10 hours round trip :-).
So I think I will be at occasional meetings and especially when I do a
day swap or take Wednesday afternoon off. I can also give a talk.

On a few occasions recently I have talked to people about organising an
Embedded Systems event with the UKUUG or somesuch and I would like to
arrange to give some talks for background preperation and because there
are probably some people who would like to see funky hardware.
At some point I can even show off some *really* interesting stuff nobody
will have seen but for commercial reasons that is a few months away.
*** Please drop me a line if reading this inspires anyone to get
involved with organising or hosting such an event ***...

The perl talks look quite interesting.

[ I had some expert tuition on the fundamentals of playing Go from Simon
Cozens of perl fame earlier on this evening. That was quite fun. ]


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