[Nottingham] Debian package management

Martin Garton martin at wrasse.demon.co.uk
Fri Nov 28 11:07:51 GMT 2003


I have been a long time user of Redhat linux (among other things) and
while I have no reason yet to give up using Redhat and/or Fedora, I do
want to have a proper look at Debian.  One of the changes I need to 
understand more about is package management - not from the perspective of 
using and installing packages, but for building them.

Currently for ease of administrarion of multiple machines, I often roll my
own SRPMS and RPMS of various bits and pieces including some of my own
software.  Back when I first learned about this, I found a book called
"maximum rpm" online which gave me all the information I needed in one

Can anyone recommend a similar resource for .deb packaging?


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