[Nottingham] Debian download

Steve Caddy dyn at m0ng.com
Wed Apr 14 00:45:55 BST 2004

> http://www.debian.org/CD/netinst/ though I suspect you may be
> disappointed with woody if this is for a desktop.

I'm reading this as another suggestion to try fedora as the next step.

The big bad master plan is for me to nuke my RH9 and Win98 installs on
the machine that's currently performing the task of file server, and
upgrade thus:

Wipe the RH9 and Win98 installs off hda2 and hda1 respectively.
Repartition hda into just 2 partitions (one swap, one ext3), and
install linux on it.
Copy hdb1 (FAT32) (where all the data is) over to hda.
Reformat hdb1 to ext3.
Balance the storage load between the 2 ext3 40GB discs.
Return file serving services (SMB) to something like normal.

I'm assuming there's no problem with having a 40GB ext3 partition
(in respect to booting, etc)?

Someone tell me I'm not mad :-)


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