[Nottingham] e-mail from a shell...

Peter Chang Peter.Chang at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Apr 21 17:04:26 BST 2004

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, David Wolfson wrote:

[Stuff about MAILTO in crontab]

> Should it e-mail (as in the same stuff that seem to get from female
> students in the US, and bankers in nigeria) the cron output to the
> address given, or is it only designed to mail the type of stuff I get
> when I type 'mail' in a Linux shell?  If the second is true, then I'll
> go away and try to configure my crons for that, but if it's the first,
> then mine doesn't work.

Can't you try it out? Look at the man pages (man mail and man 5 crontab).
It works for me locally though I can't try internet emails as the uni
seems to block port 25 stuff at the moment.

> I've also tried using the 'mail to' command in a shell, appears to
> work but never arrives.  I'm guessing that I have to configure this
> command, but when I try and to a google/linux-questions search I get a
> huge list of peoples e-mail links.  Not very helpful.
> Am I barking in the wrong woods?  Is it possible to send e-mail in the
> form I want from a shell script?  If so, could anyone point me in the
> right direction?  I'd like to be able to find out from my inbox if my
> cron jobs have run ok...

There's more than one way to skin a cat. By default, the output from a
cron job goes to owner of the job. Maybe you could use a .forward to pass
it on another account. That's assuming your mta is set up properly. The
mailx package on my RH9 box says it is "often used in shell scripts".


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