[Nottingham] Gentoo dead

Philip Scott pgs31 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Apr 28 10:50:21 BST 2004

> Just to respond to this, Debian Sid also had KDE 3.2 before the KDE
> official release.  And?

In which case, I stand corrected (but still obstinately a gentoo fan) :)

> Also I would state that Debian Stable is not really meant for desktop
> power users, they are of course all on Sid helping patch.

Of course, you are right. For running a rock solid server nothing beats Debian 
stable :)

I shall say no more (it's all been said before, methinks) - It all just comes 
down to personal preference in the end, and I think a lot is how far personal 
views line up with the 'feel' of the project. I'd recommend you do try it one 
day, though, when you've nothing better to do with a spare partition and see 
if you can catch the bug!

Many Regards,

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