[Nottingham] Partition problem

James Newell newelley at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Apr 30 13:50:22 BST 2004

OMG *just looking at the pictures * LOL I dig the dress man !!
well, It sounds like you guys all have a great time !! 
I was reffering to the how many balloons does it take to make the cucumber fly video on the LUG website ! my sides were splitting at the insanity of it all !  I'd like to know where the hell you got the cucumber from outside pizza hut at that time of night ??
So do you guys all still meet up in town, or is the group mostly based online ?
cheers !

Philip Scott <pgs31 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> Erm, what's the cucumber challenge? Last time I did that, it involved me
> (and five others), a big pink dress, half a bottle of vodka, one male
> contraceptive device, and a cucumber. And a jeering audience..

And no hands :)

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