[Nottingham] Multi Boot

Jim Driscoll j at rjimlad.org
Tue Jan 6 23:34:42 GMT 2004


On 6 Jan 2004, at 23:22, David Bean wrote:

> Last week I (accidentally) nuked my partition table trying to install
> Solaris x86. I had made a backup of my system beforehand. As my debian
> sarge install was only about 3Gb, and all my data on a remote server, I
> have some space left of my 20Gb Disk.
> What other operating systems/linux distributions should I try?

Err, all of them? :-)

I suppose you might want to have a play with FreeBSD or OpenBSD. Or 
(linux distros) maybe SuSE (do a full install! Go on!), Mandrake or 
Slackware. But basically it all depends on what you generally use that 
box for.


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