[Nottingham] Linux for the masses

danny danny at rootshell.be
Tue Jan 13 07:42:15 GMT 2004

On Monday 12 Jan 2004 9:37 pm, Darren Fuller wrote:
> Shaun Turner - Footwerkpacific Limited wrote:
> >Hi all!
> >
> >Happy New Year and all that.
> >
> >I am trying to encourage more people to use Linux and OpenOffice etc. (as
> > we all are I am sure!) and I was wondering if any of you have written a
> > "What is this Linux thing and how does it al work" type documents in
> > plain non-technical language as we would like to put some documents about
> > Linux on a new website we have set up.
> >
> >Sorry if this is kind of non-technical.
> >
> >I'll be at the RevolutionOS shindig if anyone wants to chat about it.
> >
> >Regards
> >
> >Shaun
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> Just a thought but maybe something like that might be useful to have to
> hand any way, I know I'mtrying to talk my company back into GNU/Linux at
> the moment but am having a hard time trying to explain it to the
> decision makers and get the networking guys to beleive that it is
> supported, currently they think that if you install GNU/Linux then you
> are on your own!!!
> Daz

Hi all, i just joined LUG a few days ago...

If anyone does have/make a document like this i would find it very usefull as 
i have just started a group that gets school kids (im one myself) into 
advanced computing and, in the end, linux. (Ive allready got one person using 
it :) ) A document like that would be fantsatic.

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