[Nottingham] Revolution OS - tomorrow

Michael Erskine Michael.Erskine at JASMIN.PLC.UK
Wed Jan 14 09:21:16 GMT 2004

DUNCAN > > I should be bringing a DVD player but ...
DUNCAN > > tooing and froing between trains home/food/getting into
MARTIN > We got POPCORN, and beers later...
DUNCAN > > means  I might be a little later than 19:30.  Probably not 
DUNCAN > much later
DUNCAN > > but I thought people had better be warned in case I'm not 
DUNCAN > there on the dot.

My ETA is 7:30pm (babysitter not available until 7) and I'll be bringing
plenty of popping corn, sugar, salt, and some little cardboard

PS: I'll also be bringing along a friend (Phil) who wants some advice on
setting up a Linux box as a broadband router.

PPS: I sat up for hours with the Gimp the other night and made some
minor improvements to the Robin Tux logo -- I now have a version with
him holding a pint of beer (stolen from another beer-drinking Tux!)


Michael Erskine
Senior Software Engineer
Jasmin Simtec Limited

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