[Nottingham] ALSA

Philip Scott pgs31 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Jan 17 00:01:35 GMT 2004

Greetings all,

I've finally upgraded to kernel 2.6 and all is well, except that ALSA and I 
are having issues... It and my Soundblaster Live 5.1 seem to have eachother 
confused - I have about 30 mixer conrols, some of which do nothing, some of 
which do random things, and some of which do plain wrong things.

I mean, you would usually expect 'Master Volume' to control your master 
volume, right? But I am fairly sure I have had it controlling every other 
speaker in my 6 speaker set up at some stage in my poking, but never all 6 
togeather. There are options for surround sound, but they have a different 
idea about which speaker is connected to which port at the back than the rest 
of it, and its all a huge huge mess.

I am fairly sure it can be solved by writing a configuration in the very 
ominous looking 'pluging module language' that has only automatically 
generated documentation that is not wonderful to say the least.

Before I commit several weeks of my life trying to decipher it, I was 
wondering if anyone had ever had any similar experiences that could aid me in 
my quest for a single flippin' volume control. And rear speakers that don't 
think they're a subwoofer...

Any pointers welcome!

Kind Regards,


PS - I won't be at any meetings for or a month or two while they have me here 
studying but I'll show my face as soon as I am back ;)

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