[Nottingham] Live system backup pitfalls / problems

David Bean david at dbean.uklinux.net
Sun Jan 18 12:56:12 GMT 2004

This really goes for any backup...

I would also create some restore documentation, detailed enough for the
least experienced IT staff at the firm to be able to restore it. 

Put in details that don't change like the names of computers, layout of
partition tables, and IP's in an appendix. 

Also describe the backup routine so anyone can find the latest available
backup tape/other media.

Why you ask?  What if more than one server goes down for any reason?
(fire, hacking etc) You can't be expected to fix it all at once can you?
Your boss will be much happier if you can enlist staff to get everything
running in three hours than doing it all yourself in ten.

David Bean

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