[Nottingham] Meeting wednesday

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Tue Jan 20 15:21:57 GMT 2004

>>The Last Post, Beeston
>>(Weatherspoons pub with Spitfire beer amongst others) at
>>9pm Wednesday 21 Jan 2004

Talking points:

(Note, this is _not_ an agenda!)

((From previous emailings))

An introduction to bash scripting
Breaking and securing a server
Stuff in KDE 3.2 and in the future
Why C++ is better then your favorite language
Wireless networking
Where Mandrake is going (?)
* this is also very open to people who want to educate/show off.

Perl for beginners
* other stuff people want to do - was thinking it would be quite cool to 
be able to swap skills.

Other Stuff
Revolution OS
LAN party
Beers and nibbles

Don't forget the 4D filesystem stuff from our Gun (oops... Computer) 
Shop friend.

The Computer Shop, 120 Hartley Rd, Radford, Nottingham NG7 3AJ
P: 0870 7404591, F: 0870 7404592, M: 07989 033363
"Next to Drapers Gun Store" !!! (Yeeeeee Haaa! (:-O))

And an evening to summarise the various distros available?

Noteworthy notes in no particular order are:

1. We are going to try 2 events per month for a bit to see if we can 
squeeze more interesting things into the coming year.

2. With the exception of January which is always an odd month (kind of 
like the Monday of the year) I've kept a regular social every 2 months 
and wrapped everything else around them.  Discuss.

3. Things are set (as much as can be) up to the end of February after 
which they start to become hazey eg. I cannot guarentee events will be 
at Alex's or availability of speakers on those dates (yet) so things may 

4. We have space for more of you lovely people to come forth and 
enlighten us on matters Linux and Free/Open/Cheesey software.

5. I've penciled in a LAN party for November.  This will take a bit of 
work to get organized help will be required (finding suitable venues, 
getting sponsors for prizes etc - the more people do the more fun we can 

6. I'd like to squeeze an 'AGM' in somewhen.

7. Work is in progress wrt revamping the Web site so watch that space.


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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