[Nottingham] Awareness Day Part 1

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Fri Nov 5 08:15:36 GMT 2004

Martin wrote:
> Robert Postill wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Well, it's that time of year  and the Awareness Day is upon us again. 
>> Today, at Green's Mill in Sneinton we will be having an organisationally
>> focused day.  Come over and discuss your organisational issues with us
>> and maybe we can help you get Linux onto your network.
>> If you're thinking of helping setup will be at 9:30AM (not 9AM, Martin
>> was perhaps a little enthusiastic there).  Bring along a machine and a
>> cheerful disposition and you'll be welcome.
>> Robert.
>> P.S. Part two is tomorrow, which will be more individually focused. 
> Keeping focused (erk, what't the time now?! (:-((
> (All at the Linux Last Moment as ever.)
> I've updated our website for the Awareness days.
> For EVERYONE onlist:
> Please check out
> http://www.nottingham.lug.org.uk/
> http://www.nottingham.lug.org.uk/AwarenessDays.Nov2004/

NB: The ".rtf" versions of the posters require their associated penguin 
images to be downloaded also!

> and enthuse to whomever might be even only slightly interested.
> A printout and pinning-up-onto-noticeboard would be good also please.

See all there later this morning,


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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