[Nottingham] Awareness Day Part 2

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Sun Nov 7 16:20:14 GMT 2004

Jon Masters wrote:
> Martin wrote:
> | The late afternoon remained quiet and gradually morphed into a sociable
> | chinwag and venue for visits by some of the less frequently seen members.
> I actually used the Press announcement on LWN in my decision to bring
> camera and take some photos for the magazine. Stay tuned.

Was good to see you up here so far away from the Sunny South (:-)).

I'd better add some Day 2 honourable mentions for:

Mr Tux Games' show-stopper demo of incredible video compression for an 
old Star Trek episode. Over 30 mins of video and audio in just a few 
MBytes. (OK, so not quite full colour, but a lot better than BW!)

Marcel's audacious bribery-by-coffee (a nice change from free beers 
(:-)) and his wooden-mallet data squashing exploits by dial-up link (;-O)).

We also finished off the day with a demo by Dave at Green's Mill of 
various computer data comms modulation methods as now used by Radio Hams 
over their HF bands.

All good fun,


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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