[Nottingham] Slashdot

chris stones chris.stones at ntlworld.com
Fri Nov 19 12:03:08 GMT 2004

sucks doesnt it !!!!
aparently.. someone with a nottingham NTLWORLD account hacked / 
atytempted to hack / port scanned / whatevered the Slashdot IP...
the IP slashdot detected was the Main NTLworld Gateway / Proxy / 
whatever... so they have effectivly banned all of nottingham ntlworld 

all i can recomend, is using a HTTP Proxy.. i cant remember the IP... 
but there is an NTL http proxy server in Dublin Ireland. set your 
browser to use it as a proxy.

its annoying because every time you visit google.co.uk, they 
automatically forward you to irelands google page... but hey, atleast 
you can get on slashdot.

Robert Postill wrote:

>Has anyone noticed that they can't log into Slashdot from an NTL
>account?  Specifically I get a message about being a banned
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